Leavenworth, Washington Bavarian-style village

Leavenworth, Washington Bavarian-style village

Christmas/New Year's Holiday Schedule

No Classes Saturday December 24th and December 31st with Linda and Brian's Tuesday night class December 27th.  Linda's Monday classes at 9am and 6 pm and Wednesday at 9am and Anna's 6:30 Gentle Flow class will meet.  Monday January 2nd will be announced soon.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2017-Safe-Joyful

About Studio Mills

Workshop News

Saturday November 12th we had Restorative Yoga and AcuDetox with Anne Coffey and live music with the wonderful Tom Shinness.  The two-hour class was to help us relax from the strength of a super full moon and results from a wacky election.  This all while we were singularly given an acupuncture treatment intended to have a long lasting goal setting effect.  Didn't hurt a bit!  The 5 or 6 pins were gently and painlessly inserted into the rim of the ear for 30 minutes minimum, locating an energy meridian.   Yoga with live music such as Tom's makes for a nice therapy.

Tom Shinness, Anna Winberg (Wednesday eve 6:30), Linda Mills and Anne Coffey

Tom Shinness, Anna Winberg (Wednesday eve 6:30), Linda Mills and Anne Coffey

Photo of Lake Worth, Fl beach at sunrise, from Sandra Stearns.  This is the childhood hometown of Linda and Brian.


The dream was to have a yoga studio.


There's  a sweet little community less than 20 minutes west of Nashville, TN, where life is a bit slower, the land's a little hillier and there's a yoga studio that offers acceptance to all, along with a variety of Hatha yoga classes, workshops, retreats and other special events.  Studio Mills in beautiful downtown Kingston Springs, was opened in 2006 by Linda as her experience in wellness, exercise and meditation directed her to offer ways to achieve more peace, relaxation and greater health through various practices, activities and disciplines.

Since opening Studio Mills, we've offered Linda's own wonderful and unique style of "always new, always fresh" classes, Power Yoga, Broga® Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Breema Yoga, The Painting Journal®, teacher training, meditation, Sacred Circle Dance, AcuDetox, Healing with Sounds, an animal shelter benefit, a CD release party, massage, Reiki sessions, Kirtans and continuing education classes for Registered Yoga Teachers and the general public.  Preparations are in process for an upcoming 200 Hour Yoga teacher training course for those interested in knowing more about their yoga and/or those of you who want to actually become a certified and Registered Yoga Teacher, lead by 500 Hour Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher and Certified Yoga Therapist Linda Mills.  Details coming soon.

Yoga is for every body, every age, and pretty much every ability, meeting you right where you are.  "I can't touch my toes!"  We know.  Many of us can't either, but we're still all good people.  "I'm not flexible!"  Same answer.  In Yoga and at Studio Mills, we are working on gaining greater flexibility, increased endurance, more peace, relaxation, reduced stress and maybe even a bit more strength.  We can use all of these, can't we?  We think you'll find camaraderie, growth, friendliness and awareness in all the classes and events at Studio Mills.  Check out our classes, and remember!  Your first class is always free.  See you in class soon!