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Winter 2018 Schedule
Mon.- 9am-10:15  Gentle Yoga  All classes taught by Linda unless noted
Mon. -6pm-7:15
Tue. -6:30-7:45-Elements of Yoga-Brian
Wed. -9am-10:15
Wed. -6:30-7:45-Yoga Flow-Anna
Sat. - 9am-10:15

More Studio Mills' Yogi/Student Testimonials:

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Candace Holmes~"In addition to the physical and mental benefits of yoga, I've made many wonderful friendships there.  There are no egos, just a great bunch of warm, accepting people."

 Yogis chilled after time at Serenity Salt Cave.

Yogis chilled after time at Serenity Salt Cave.

Glenna (Sam) Barrow's (Sam in the center)~"I was a teacher and administrator, and then I retired.  I am now a student, of Hatha Yoga.   As an administrator, I would allow 10 minutes around lunch time to meditate.  Focusing on my breath, I would go into my mind and become stress free for that short time.  I could then come back into the real world refreshed and ready to tackle daily challenges.  After retirement, my stress level was minimized but I was missing something else.  I went to a free Yoga session at Studio Mills on a Saturday.  That changed my life.  I now attend regularly and have found so much more with each class.  With each visit, I am greeted by old friends (retired) and many new friends.  I have learned so much about myself through Yoga.  I have become more mindful, spiritual, and physical.  I am doing things that I didn’t think my body could do at this ripe age.  Linda (and the other teachers) never push but lead gently and with respect to convey the teachings of Yoga.  The breath is essential to every pose and movement and this balance brings harmony and order to my mind and body.  Yoga is always with me in my daily activities.  I am a better person because I am balanced in my life.  I have one regret that I didn’t start my Yoga practice many years earlier.  I LOVE YOGA "    

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Sha Ward~"Strength + Flexibility = YOGA
Balanced + Grounded = YOGA
Inner Peace + Happiness = YOGA
Friends + Family = YOGA
Gratification + Appreciation = YOGA
My yoga journey began in the summer of 2014 twice a week.  Now I practice three times a week looking forward to each day.  My body feels stronger overall,  and my flexibility makes me feel like a kid again.  Most days anyway.  I am more balanced and more grounded. I can sometimes stand on one leg doing tree pose, feeling like the large oak tree that stands so tall in my front yard. I have finally found my inner peace with my quiet voice, and my happiness has returned to my heart.  I have met so many wonderful friends who feel like family to me now.  I am forever grateful that we moved to Kingston Springs, and I am so appreciative of our yoga community.  My life has come full circle because of Studio Mills."


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More Studio Mills' Yogi/Student Testimonials:

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Laura Mallernee with granddaughters Tessa and Livvy~"Presently I am 68 years old and have been doing yoga for the last 12 years.  The reason that I am completely pain free right now is due to my yoga practice.  Besides physically, yoga also helps me mentally and emotionally; it keeps me peaceful and centered on what is really important in life.  Yoga is a spiritual practice for me. We are fortunate to have Studio Mills here in Kingston Springs."

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Mallerie Drake~"What yoga has done for me:

  • Has helped reduce migraines, also to ease migraines when I have them 
  • Regain some flexibility 
  • Strengthen feet; alleviate some foot pain 
  • Practice living in the moment 
  • Meet people in the community (with positive mental attitude) 
  • Has strengthened my knees"


The dream was to have a yoga studio.


There's  a sweet little community less than 20 minutes west of Nashville, TN, where life is a bit slower, the land's a little hillier and there's a yoga studio that offers acceptance to all, along with a variety of Hatha yoga classes, workshops, retreats and other special events.  Studio Mills in beautiful downtown Kingston Springs, was opened in 2006 by Linda as her experience in wellness, exercise and meditation directed her to offer ways to achieve more peace, relaxation and greater health through various practices, activities and disciplines.

Since opening Studio Mills, we've offered Linda's own wonderful and unique style of "always new, always fresh" classes, Power Yoga, Broga® Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Breema Yoga, The Painting Journal®, teacher training, meditation, Sacred Circle Dance, AcuDetox, Healing with Sounds, an animal shelter benefit, a CD release party, massage, Reiki sessions, Kirtans and continuing education classes for Registered Yoga Teachers and the general public.  Preparations are in process for an upcoming 200 Hour Yoga teacher training course for those interested in knowing more about their yoga and/or those of you who want to actually become a certified and Registered Yoga Teacher, lead by 500 Hour Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher and Certified Yoga Therapist Linda Mills.  Details coming soon.

Yoga is for every body, every age, and pretty much every ability, meeting you right where you are.  "I can't touch my toes!"  We know.  Many of us can't either, but we're still all good people.  "I'm not flexible!"  Same answer.  In Yoga and at Studio Mills, we are working on gaining greater flexibility, increased endurance, more peace, relaxation, reduced stress and maybe even a bit more strength.  We can use all of these, can't we?  We think you'll find camaraderie, growth, friendliness and awareness in all the classes and events at Studio Mills.  Check out our classes, and remember!  Your first class is always free.  See you in class soon!


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The instructors and students wish for you and your family, all earth’s inhabitants, Peace and Joy this holiday season and always. May the New Year bring health, prosperity and happiness to all. Love IS the answer!
Linda, Brian, Anna, all the subs who keep things going, Sunshine, Jennifer, and every man, woman and child who has ever practiced with us.
Namaste-we bow to each other and you, realizing and acknowledging our connectedness