Taking my own medicine

Since returning from a 2 week vacation in Florida with paradise weather, surrounded by love of family, and the time aside for leisure...it seems I’ve been on a marathon of busyness. A turn of the calendar, a fresh start can do that for me every year.  For those entrepreneurs out there...you know how challenging it is to create income ALL ON YOUR OWN.  It’s motivating, stimulating, isolating and often times quite scary.  I’m open to finding ways to keeping the doors open at Studio Mills another year.  Hmmmmm. The prices went up a bit and I’ve been more than nervous to present them. Prices go up everywhere sometime, don’t they?  We have 2 new classes and I’m so grateful for Jen Stone for her Power Flow yoga on Thursday evenings and Beth Nelson for teaching Iyengar on Friday mornings.  I have committed personally to participating in both of these classes in January and February.  When you teach for 7 years, and are responsible for over a dozen classes weekly-it’s a true luxury to be “the student” again. Anna Hornsby got certified in Tai Chi for arthritis and about 10 of us enjoyed her complimentary class this week. We hope she also adds a Tai Chi 6-8 week series starting in February. If the students commit-we will add that to our schedule.   I'm so thankful to these ladies and also to Brian Hallgren, my sweetie, for their gifts to Studio Mills and our community. Thanks again Brian for the web-site.

 I recently became a distributor for Young Living Oils and attended classes to become more knowledgeable and inspired and intend on utilizing these healing oils in my yoga.  I attended a Raindrop Therapy demonstration last Sunday and it seems I’ve had a recurring sinus headache ever since. A coincidence maybe or a detox for me vicariously? And I wasn’t the one on the table receiving the Raindrop treatment! This is not like me to have a headache EVER! My head is spinning with new ideas for classes, planning the retreat coming up in March, and life’s callings. This morning when I woke up with the throbbing ONCE AGAIN in my forehead, temples and head my beloved reminded me that I could try some yoga therapy and essential oils for my headache. With the help of Advil, the Iyengar series for sinusitis (lots of inversions to change my perspective), Panaway on my temples and StressAway in my diffuser-I feel I’ve found some great relief for now. Time to take some of my own medicine!  Hope to see you all in classes in the days ahead. 

 Namaste, Linda


From Brian:

It is so invigorating to have new students and returning student/yogis in class.  My Tuesday night was made a little better last week when the first into the Studio was a new student . He  had been encouraged and witnessed to by a 50something man student who started about a year and has had pretty amazing medical and physical results since starting a yoga practice. Hopefully, the new yogi will be back, he said he enjoyed the class.  We love the excitement and commitments of new students who find benefits with yoga.

We’re building strength, stamina/endurance and flexibility in working with our postures and adding Yogic philosophy in our classes.  We hope you’ll join us in a class soon.  The complete schedule of classes and upcoming events is available at our website.